Garven is known in your clave as a Physick, or healer, but he is much more than that.

He’s a traveling merchant, tinker, fixer of Numenéra and oddities, unraveler of cyphers, and some even think he might be an Aeon Priest! Every year Garven comes to the clave and heals the sick, provides basic medical services, gives haircuts, and opens shop to sell the things he has found on his travels. His coming is much anticipated, and he is a well-honored outsider within the clave.

In addition to these services, Garven is an entertainer, spinning wonderful tales aided by light-projectors and sound-makers, sharing harrowing tales of his adventures in the world beyond the clave and the mysteries of the world.

Garvin was last seen 4 months ago, heading North as he always does when he leaves.


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