Hanna is a Mutant Glaive who fights with panache!


Might Pool 14 (edge 1)
Speed Pool 16 (bolstered by mutant ability Improved Nervous System) (edge 1)
Intellect Pool 9 (edge 0)

Other Mutant Powers:
Thick Skin (in her case fur): +1 point of armor
Psychic Resistance: +3 to armor vs Intellect damage

Skills (trained):
Balancing (bonus from being a Glaive)
Religion/Philosophy (from her upbringing under her adoptive father)

Hanna fights with her “razor Frisbee” (Sisk) and wields a gigantic blade (greatsword) in close combat. Her Fighting Moves are Pierce (for the Sisk) and No Need for Weapons (because of her adopted father’s martial arts training, see below).


Hanna is a mutant, a tall, dog-headed humanoid who has adopted the claive of Kolekhar as her home for the past couple of years. Not being comfortable around too many people, she aids the claive by driving wild beasts away from its borders and protecting its herds (honing her combat abilities in the process). She loves to fight, and she loves to show off; it’s even better when she can do both at once!

Hanna doesn’t refer to her origins save to mention her childhood upbringing and her adoptive father from time to time. They seem to have lived a hermetic existence far from any society. Her father, a mystical Aeon Priest, spent much of his time working on further installments for his esoteric book of martial knowledge; any time left over he spent training her in the combat styles she now loves. It is unsure what events parted her from him. She never speaks of the times between that and now, though her friend Chaz accompanied her for the latter part of her wanderings and may know more. Even if he does, it’s doubtful whether he’d part with the information for free!

Though her outward persona is full of boasting and exuberance, Hanna has a deep spiritual faith in something she refers to only as “The God” and from time to time she claims to communicate with that entity. Her friends aren’t sure if she’s delusional or truly a prophet of some unknown or unnamed power, though she certainly does spout some odd things that might even be as true as she claims. Perhaps time will tell.

In the last couple of days Hanna has been joined by Chaz and two others—strong Kyra (who has already saved her from falling off of a very tall stone tree!) and the zappy Fish Guy. They’ve been given a mission to find the one person who might be able to heal their claive of an apparent plague of unknown origins. Kyra is excited to explore with her new friends and find new things to fight! Even though the zappy Fish Guy doesn’t seem to want her to. Which doesn’t make sense, because he zaps things. Maybe he wants to save all the monsters for himself.


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