Chaz is a charming jack who murders.



Might – 12 / 0
Speed – 13 / 1
Intellect – 13 / 0

Shins – 15
XP – 4


  • Disguise (T)
  • Repair (T)
  • Stealthy Tasks (T)
  • Esoteries or abilities that influence the minds of others (T)
  • Tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction (T)
  • Studying or Retaining Facts (I)
  • Willpower (I)
  • Flex Skill aka “Whatever it is I decide to be excellent at today”

Chaz fights at range with a crossbow and uses a well maintained, if utilitarian sword. (Both M weapons). He has a dagger concealed on the inside of his left forearm.


Chaz is a human, which, given the nature of who he is currently wandering around with, may be his most unique feature. It certainly isn’t a long descriptive BIO.


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