A large, sprawling region, the Plains of Kataru stretch from the southern end of the Caecilian Jungle to the northern edge of the Ba-Adenu Forest. The northernmost part of the plains are somewhat arid, but the rolling flatlands farther south are fertile and temperate.
Wild herds of swift espron and plodding reptilian camethosaurs roam the plains, preyed upon by callerail, ithsyn, and pallones.
There are no cities on the plains, but small towns and aldeia, mostly farming communities, dot the landscape. The farmers grow wheat, beans, and vegetables of all kinds. Most of these small communities are self-sufficient, but occasionally trade with caravans from the Steadfast that travel across the Black Riage on their way to Augur-Kala. But these are rare.
There are also nomadic tribes of human hunters that erect temporary villages of hide tents and yurts on the plains. These tribes tame the espron and ride them as mounts. Some of the nomads have turned to raiding more settled communities and even other tribes.
Terrible storms sometimes cross the Plains of Kataru, particularly in the spring. Cyclones, fierce hail, flash floods, and lightning strikes are serious dangers.


Prominent Features:
The Empty Machine
The Ausren Woods
The Orgorek
The Black Sphere
The Discordant Blooms
The Beanstalk

Key Settlements
White Lake
Embered Peaks

Black Riage
Lambent Fields
Caecilian Jungle
Ba-Adenu Forest
Clock of Kala


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