The locals say that the clave of Kolekhar gets its’ name from an ancient word in a forgotten language, meaning “Home”. Garven says that he had always heard that it meant “footprint”, but never knew why.

pass_the_arches_by_frankatt-d60zeuh.png The entire clave is nestled under one of the great stone arches the locals call “Nether Trees”. It boasts six brick or synth-metal buildings, and over a dozen houses made of various woods. The clave has a population of just over 200. It’s primary economy is farming and textiles.

Kolekhar’s largest building is town hall, where over a thousand people could meet together to convene, if the town ever had that many people. In addition to this, it has an indoor market, a tannery, a carpenter, a smithy, and a textile mill where the local reeds are processed by a large black machine into cloths of fine weave.

While this cloth is highly valued, the changing topography of the Nether Trees makes roads impractical, and so few travelers come into town. Every few years merchants leave town to visit White Lake, the nearest settlement, to sell the cloths of the mill or purchase new goods.


Nether Trees dot the landscape, coming in sizes large enough to cover the town, protecting it from the Needlestorms and other weather, all the way to small root-like stones which pose a tripping hazard to the unwary. The Nether Trees resist all cutting into them, but otherwise feel as stone and not wood, despite the name. Most unusually, perhaps, is the growth rate of the trees appears to be inversely exponential – a small “root” will grow dozens of times it’s size in the first year, and slow down after that, until it is larger than a mountain, at which point is is nearly impossible to tell if they continue to grow. Certainly, within one’s lifetime, one can witness a small root grow from a few inches across to over a mile.

Needlestorms: When the winds rise, they gather glass shards and carry them along like tiny razors and needles. During a storm, which can last an hour or more, travelers who are exposed in the open without at least 1 point of Armor take 1 point of damage each minute. Thus, after such a storm, sometimes all that remains is a skeleton covered in tattered, bloody flesh. Fortunately, Kolekhar is relatively well protected, but these storms are a danger anywhere in the Plains-of-Kataru

Citizens of Note

  • Zaba Nagiertiö: Zaba is probably the Mayor in town. Certainly he is an Elder, and everyone listens to him. A devoted husband to Jacqu, and father. Zaba is reasonably well liked.
  • Jacob John: a Varjellen runs the town carpentry shop. She seems to have a gift for working wood into useful shapes. Jacob’s family has always lived in Kolekhar, and although she is the only Varjellen left, no-one in town considers her unusual.
  • Spikenzi: A blue-skinned abhuman, Spikenzi is one of the wealthiest men in town. He usually leads the merchant expeditions to White Lake to trade cloths for goods.
  • Paul Gan Fel – Paul runs the textile mill. He has a machine implant that he says lets him run the machine, but he doesn’t know how it works, or how he go the implant.
  • Jacqu Ertiö: Zaba’s husband, Jacqu is currently pregnant with their second child. Although an elder, he refuses a seat on the Council of elders to stay home and care for their son.
  • Kowa Catson: Kowa runs the Tannery. Her children divide their time hunting the area herds and helping in the shop.
  • Nileg: She organizes the market, helping the local farmers come to trade their wares and purchase more. Nileg and Spikenzi are business partners, but they do not like each other very much. Nileg is known to dislike mutants.
  • Pheylor: Pheylor runs the Smithy. He is incredibly strong, and has at least one arm reinforced with metal supports.
  • Clung: Clung trades and sells camethosaurs, mostly captured from the herds outside the clave as beasts of burden. He bitterly hates Kowa, whose family he sees as damaging his trade.
  • Evil John: Evil aspires to be an Aeon priest, and has been the most vocal about Garven returning. He hopes next year to be able to leave the farm and go with Garven on his travels.
  • Exor Gnome: Exor was one of the roving nomads until recently. While traveling the plains, she came across one of Kowa’s children hunting, became smitten, and settled down in the clave.
  • Chaseuth Breo Nebulocks: Chaseth’s face was removed by an Iron Wind when he was young, and he is Kolekhar’s sole beggar. Sporting a solid silver face that resembles a spiral seashell, Chaseuth can not speak or read. No one is sure how he survives without food, but he seems to do well.
  • Jarvi Nigang Faster: Jarvi has the second seat of influence on the council of elders. Jarvi is less trusting of outsiders than Zaba, and she thinks the clave needs to focus more on protecting itself from the Nether Trees that shelter and threaten it than on the doings of Aeon priests and Merchants. A practical woman, though plagued by rumors that she was once wither a bandit or an adventuring Nano, or both.


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