Focus is what your character does best. Focus gives your character specificity and provides interesting new abilities that might come in handy. Your focus also helps you understand how you relate with the other player characters in your group. It’s the verb of the sentence “I am an adjective noun who verbs.”

When you choose a character focus, you get a special connection to one or more of your fellow PCs, a first-tier ability, and perhaps additional starting equipment. A few foci offer slight alterations of esoteries or tricks for nanos and jacks. Each focus also offers suggestions to the GM and the player for possible effects or consequences of really good or really bad die rolls. As you progress to a new tier, your focus grants you more abilities. Each tier’s benefit is usually labeled Action or Enabler. If an ability is labeled Action, you must take an action to use it. If an ability is labeled Enabler, it makes other actions better or gives some other benefit, but it’s not an action. An ability that allows you to blast foes with lasers is an action. An ability that grants you additional damage when you make attacks is an enabler. You can use an enabler in the same turn as you perform another action.

Each tier’s benefits are independent of and cumulative with benefits from other tiers (unless indicated otherwise). So if your first-tier ability grants you +1 to Armor and your fourth-tier ability also grants you +1 to Armor, when you reach fourth tier, you have a total of +2 to Armor.

List of Foci

Bears a Halo of Fire Carries a Quiver
Commands Mental Powers Controls Beasts
Controls Gravity Crafts Illusions
Crafts Unique Objects Employs Magnetism
Entertains Exists Partially Out of Phase
Explores Dark Places Fights With Panache
Focuses Mind Over Matter Fuses Flesh and Steel
Howls at the Moon Hunts With Great Skill
Leads Lives in the Wilderness
Masters Defense Masters Weaponry
Murders Rages
Rides the Lightning Talks to Machines
Wears a Sheen of Ice Wields Power With Precision
Wields Two Weapons at Once Works Miracles
Works the Back Alleys

Complete Rules found on Pages 52-76

Origin of Special Powers

If you want an explanation for some of the more supernatural powers provided by your focus, roll d100 and check the following table, discarding results that don’t fit logic.

Roll Explanation
01–05 Natural mutation
06–09 Unexpected viral reconstruction of your body
10–15 Mutation due to ancestral exposure to chemicals, radiation, or virus
16–21 Mutation due to experimental science performed on your ancestor(s)
22–27 An encounter with the Iron Wind (unexpected nanotech reconstruction of your body)
28 Abduction by extraterrestrial(s) who experimented or performed surgery on you
29 Abduction by rogue scientist(s) who experimented or performed surgery on you
30 Abduction by machine intelligence that experimented or performed surgery on you
31 An encounter with an ultraterrestrial entity that mysteriously changed you
32–35 Intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical devices in fingertips
36–39 Intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical devices in palms
40–43 Intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical device in head or eye
44–47 Intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical device in chest
48–51 Intentional or accidental immersion or treatment with ancient chemicals or radiation
52–56 Hidden artifact(s) secreted on your person
57–60 Cloud of nanotech that follows and responds to you for reasons unknown
61–64 Implant or mutation that provides knowledge and power from the datasphere
65–66 Drugs
67 Training by extraterrestrial entities in strange and mysterious devotions
68–69 Training by secret order that has mastered mysteries passed down from the ancients
70 Training by machine intelligence that shared inhuman knowledge
71–80 Confluence: Roll twice and combine results
81–00 Unknown (GM can secretly roll again and keep the result hidden)


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