Equipment in the Ninth World is often much like that found in an ancient or medieval societies but can be far more advanced. For example, a simple tent or bedroll might be constructed of synthetic fiber that makes it entirely water-resistant as well as far lighter and warmer than cloth. A chainmail hauberk could be made in whole or in part from glassy links that are harder and lighter than steel.
There are many types of special equipment not listed here, including brilliance cloth, memory ants, shaper keys, and sprayflesh. Special equipment items are not regularly manufactured by Ninth World crafters. Instead, they are recovered from old sites, but they’re found often enough and in large enough quantities that they can sometimes be found for sale.
While prices vary from place to place, when in doubt, light weapons cost 1 shin, medium weapons cost 3, and heavy weapons cost 5. Light armor costs 3 shins, medium armor costs 5, and heavy armor costs 15. Most other common objects cost 1, 2, or 3 shins. Sellers usually discount for bulk purchases.


Light (1 point of Armor) Price
Leather jerkin 3 shins
Hides and furs 2 shins
Special Light (2 points of Armor) Price
Armoring cloth 40 shins
Micromesh 50 shins
Medium (2 points of Armor) Price
Beastskin 5 shins
Brigandine 5 shins
Chainmail hauberk 6 shins
Special Medium (3 points of Armor) Price
Metalweave vest 40 shins
Synth breastplate 50 shins
Heavy (3 points of Armor) Price
Plate armor 15 shins
Scale armor 12 shins


Light Weapons (2 points of damage) Price Notes
Blowgun 1 shin Short range
12 darts 3 shins
Buzzer 25 shins Handheld weapon. Fires thumbnail-sized bladed disks up to short range.
5-disk buzzer magazine 1 shin
Club 1 shin
Dagger 1 shin Can be thrown up to short range
Dart thrower 8 shins Long range
12 darts 3 shins
Forearm blade 4 shins Metal bracer with a mounted blade on it
Knife 1 shin Can be thrown up to short range
Punching dagger 1 shin
Rapier 2 shins
Razor ring 1 shin Ring with a razor-sharp outer edge. Short range.
Sisk 1 shin Bladed throwing disk. Short range.
Unarmed (punch, kick, etc.)
Whip 2 shins
Medium Weapons (4 points of damage) Price Notes
Battleaxe 3 shins
Bow 3 shins Long range
12 arrows 5 shins
Broadsword 3 shins
Crank crossbow 10 shins Magazine holds five bolts. Requires crank to advance. Long range.
12 medium bolts 5 shins
Crossbow 5 shins Long range
12 medium bolts 5 shins
Flail 3 shins
Hammer 2 shins
Javelin 2 shins Long range
Mace 2 shins
Polearm 3 shins Often used two-handed
Quarterstaff 2 shins Often used two-handed
Spear 2 shins Can be thrown up to long range
Verred 2 shins A type of short sword with two forked blades
Yulk 2 shins Splayed metal claw mounted upon a 2-foot (0.6-m) haft
Heavy Weapons (6 points of damage) Price Notes
Greataxe 5 shins
Greatsword 5 shins
Heavy crossbow 7 shins Long range, action to reload
12 heavy bolts 5 shins
Maul 4 shins
Sword-staff 5 shins

Other Gear

Adventuring Items Price Notes
Backpack 2 shins
Bag of light tools 10 shins See Further Notes
Bag of heavy tools 12 shins See Further Notes
Bedroll 2 shins
Book 5–20 shins See Further Notes
Burlap sack 1 shin
Compass 10 shins
Crowbar 2 shins
Disguise kit 12 shins See Further Notes
Explorer’s pack 20 shins See Further Notes
First aid kit 10 shins See Further Notes
Grappling hook 3 shins
Lockpicks 5 shins
Matchsticks (10) 1 shin
Musical instrument 5–10 shins
Pouch or other small container 1 shin
Rope (50 feet / 15 m) 2 shins
Shield 3 shins Asset for Speed defense tasks (decreases the difficulty by one step)
Tent 3 shins Large enough for two people
Torches (2) 1 shin
Food and Mundane Items Price Notes
Ale/wine/other alcohol (glass) 1 shin
Ale/wine/other alcohol (bottle) 3 shins
Boots or shoes 1 shin
Cigarettes (12) 2 shins
Clothing 1 shin Very nice clothing: up to 5 shins
Meal 1 shin High-quality meal: up to 5 shins
Rations for one day 2 shins


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