Welcome to Numenéra!

Welcome to the Ninth World! For those new to the setting, you can look up information here about the setting, or the culture. This section includes an overview of society, including languages, the Numenéra, religion, and currency. Understanding these pages should tell you what you need to know to get started. World Pages have the “Setting” tag, which you search for in the wiki.

Please feel free to Edit wiki pages (for inevitable typos!) and add square brackets around words you’d like new entries created for! To do this, add two “[” brackets before the word, and two “]” brackets after the word! And don’t worry if the wiki syntax is confusing. We can go back and add formatting at any time – what’s important is making sure that YOU have the content you need, so we need feedback on new pages, and ways we can improve existing pages!

Our next step is the World gazetteer – but not the whole world! Just the parts you know in the Steadfast and The Beyond. This part remains a work-in-progress, and more will be added over the next few months.


The Campaign Story

As we begin, your clave, or village, Kolekhar, has been hit with a sickness. Garven, The Physick who visits your clave every year isn’t due back for many months, and the leaders are afraid it will get much more serious before then. It will be your job to track down the Physick and bring him back! Along the way, you’ll explore ruins of ages past, forests and floating mountains – the kinds of places pictured in the art here!



Basics of character creation are here, including lists of skills, understanding Stat Pools, and equipment. Character creation and other rules pages all have the Rules tag, so you can find them more easily in our wiki.

Another thing I’d like you to think about is relationships to other characters, and Needs. Those of you who have played Fiasco! will have a rough idea of what I mean. I’ll be posting a wiki page with some idea starter Needs – these are kind of like sub quests relevant to your character, some will be very complex, like “needs to learn to believe in others” and others are simple like “needs to become famous, or die trying”. These needs will help me personalize the story around the 4 of you, giving you each “episodes” that focus on advancing your arc. I’d like to focus on needs that are heroic and noble, though selfish needs can be ok. Just don’t be a tool.


For now, here’s a few images of things and places you might see in the Ninth World, outside of your clave, to help you understand the setting.



Numenéra: Gift of the Calimshan

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